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Holy Shoe: Prada Slingback Pointed Booties

I am obsessed. I dare you to name one article of clothing that won’t look fabulous and chic with these booties. I double dare you.

Shorts- yes.
Skinny Pants- duh.
Skirts- yes, those too.
Wide Leg Pants- yes yes.
Dresses- that’ll work.

Prada Slingback Booties

Prada Slingback Booties

The new bootie silhouette for Spring is modern, streamlined, and chic. Prada makes an extra sleek version, pictured above.

What Would Audrey Do? How to wear the “it” color: oxblood

All hail the color of the moment: oxblood. This rich, wine colored hue is flattering on all skin tones and looks ultra luxe in Winter months when paired with deep colors such as navy, charcoal, and black. In Spring months, oxblood adds drama to lighter palettes of blush, ivory, and crisp white. A single deep emerald accessory is a surprisingly complimentary twist you can add, when you’re feeling fashionably frisky.

The photo above was taken from, a British powerhouse of moderately priced fashions. You can get this look for a super-steal, the skirt is only $60!

Peace be with you!