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Saint or Sinner? Gwen Stefani

Glowing Gwen

Glowing Gwen

In case you’re wondering, this how you look French-chic while pregnant. Gwen Stefani is a glowing pregnant goddess. Gwen treats her baby bumb like a lovely accessory draped by her wrap style leopard cardi. Who said shopping empire waistlines and god-awful elastic waist jeans from “Pea in the Pod” is the answer? Certainly not I, and obviously not Gwen. SAINT.

Welcome to the Style Shrine.

Worship away. Welcome to my lovely baby, my outlet, my view of the fashion world. My obsession, my religion, my purpose; it is fashion. I have begun this new journey of Style Shrine to share what I love and what I live for. That warm, fuzzy feeling Balmain gives me, I want to share with you. Why? Because you deserve it, that’s why.

In addition to loving fashion and beauty, I love to talk. Actually, I love to ramble. Here are a few things you may or may not want to know about me and what you’ll be reading here in this sacred little space.

1. My color wheel is as follows: black, white, blue, green, purple, and leopard print. I wear these “colors” religiously.
2. Most of my idols are dead. Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Coco Chanel. Damn. At least Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld are still kickin it.
3. I have a sick sense of humor. I’m hardly ever 100% serious. If I offend you, I was kidding, and you’re too sensitive.

Why the name Style Shrine?
I wanted a place of worship for style. This forum is my temple, my chapel, my shrine. There is nothing more beautiful than self-expression, and I can find no better medium for this art-form than your own human body. Get artsy, people. Get your prayer on.

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