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Divine Beauty: Makeup Artist Robyn Cason shares: How to be a Bronzed Goddess

It’s that time of year to become a bronzed goddess!

However, if you’re like me, you’re most likely feeling like a ghostly phantom. I was blessed with having freakishly toned legs but that is where the blessed legs end. They are short and fish-scaly. I detest the smell of fake tanners and I don’t have time to get into a spray tan salon, so what’s a girl to do? After some research I found the answer to my prayers! Sephora’s brand tinted self-tanning body mist. I have never purchased a product that worked this well….ever. It is so easy, just spray and go. At only $16 for a 5 oz can, it’s going to be my holy grail of self tanners.

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Here’s what I did to achieve a perfect application:
I exfoliated thouroughly with my Laura Mercier face polish using my Clarisonic face cleansing brush for extra measure. I then towel blotted my legs dry and applied my favorite body moisturizer, Shiseido Replenshing Body Cream. It’s expensive at $72 a jar but a little goes a long way and it’s the only moisturizer that rids my fish scales and fights cellulite to boot. I don’t have cellulite, but I do have a double chin (just proof life is fair.) Then, I lightly mist my legs with the tanner, while being careful not to spray one area much. I continue misting in circular movements. Because I’m impatient, I use my blow dryer on cool then I’m out the door. The tan lasts about a week if I don’t shave. If I shave the tan lightens up and I’ll use Trish McEvoy’s body bronzer gel. It is like a makeup for your legs. With these tools, I am happy to join the world of bronzed goddesses.

Hope you can join me in being golden ASAP!
Robyn aka Fluffy

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